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Medical Assistant Practice Test – 50 Questions


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- July 28th 2017

1) gauze
What type of allowance is usually given to employees, physicians and clergy?
3) A CCMA is performing a spirometry test for a patient who has respiratory disease. Which of the following is the best position for this patient to be placed?
4) A CCMA is caring for a 4 month old infant who has temperature at 100.4 F. Which of the following is this temperature in Celsius?
5) Splinter are a type of forceps have a fine tip for foreign body retrieval or removal?
The 'Shift' is the name of the control value that runs constantly above or below the mean?
7) A CCMA must choose the correct tube color to correspond with which of the following?
A patient loses consciousness. The EKG tracing reveals ventricular fibrillation. which of the following should the CCMA do first?
9) When performing a visual acuity test for a pediatric patient. which of the following distances should the CCMA use?
10) Which of the following techniques should a CCMA use to put a young child at ease prior to administering an injection?
11) What is the diffusion of water through the plasma's membrane?
A CCMA is collecting a blood sample from a patient and notices the patient becomes unresponsive. The CCMA determines the patient is not breathing and does not have a pulse. Which of the following should the CCMA do first to respond to the patient's status?
13) Which of the following instructions should the CCMA use to administer an enteric-coated tablet to a patient?
14) What can cause a hemolyzed specimen?
15) What is the correct order of draw starting with Green?
16) What is an off label usage of beta blockers?

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