Medical Assistant Interview Tips

Medical Assistant Interview Tips


Preparing for an interview is essential, regardless of the job position that needs to be filled. The lack thereof almost always leads to being rejected. When it comes to medical assistant interview preparation, more focused should be on acing the question and answer portion.


Tip #1: Match interview answers to a facility's specific needs

If you are applying for a medical assistant job in an orthopedic clinic, for example, your answers should be relevant or related to the medical practice. You can tap into your profession experience in pediatrics or private practice, but always find a relation to the specific needs of a facility. This will require research on your part.


  • Learn more about the business or medical facility to get a good picture of what they are looking for in a medical assistant applicant.
  • Learn more about the work environment, as you are likely to be asked about your reason to want to work in a particular medical practice.
  • Understand what the job description and job requirements are and then match them with your own skills, knowledge and professional experience.


Tip #2: Do your homework and learn more about commonly asked medical assistant interview questions and answers

An interview usually covers two parts: your personality and job specifics. In a medical assistant interview, you will also be served with practice-specific interview questions, and a few more pertaining to the job's culture. Among the medical assistant interview questions and answers, the following is likely to come up?


  • Are you a certified medical assistant?
  • What do you think are the major roles of a medical assistant?
  • Tell me about your experience with prescriptions, phlebotomy and other clinical treatment procedures.
  • Have you taken patient histories?


Practice-specific medical assistant interview questions, on the other hand, may include:

  • How long did you work in a dermatology clinic?
  • How many years of experience do you have in pediatrics?
  • What was the scope of your duties in your last orthopedic practice?
  • How many other medical assistants and techs did you work with in your last practice?


To determine your cultural fit, the following questions may be asked:

  • How did you handle an irate patient?
  • What did you do when a patient accused you of providing bad service?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • How much experience do you have with patients?
  • What did you like the least about your last practice?


It is vital that you prep for your medical assistant job interview, but don't make the mistake of memorizing your answers. It is best to familiarize them, so you don't forget them when you get nervous.


Tip #3: Make sure you look the part

A favorable first impression greatly depends on your outfit. Most interviewers tend to make their first judgement about you based on your appearance. The outfit you wear will say a lot about the kind of person that you are. So make sure to choose your outfit carefully. Dress smart. Make your shoes shine. Wear accessories, but keep them subtle.


Tip #4: Never arrive late for an interview

There are major drawbacks when you arrive at the last minute. For one, you will not have time to feel calm and controlled before and during an interview. For another, you will leave an impression of tardiness or the lack of care about other people's time. Arrive earlier and give yourself time to prepare for an interview. Just make sure you are not too early that the wait will cause your anticipation and anxiety to build up.

To avoid being late, plan your route in advance and determine which road has less traffic. Find out if you will have trouble finding a parking space and come up with a possible solution. Better yet, do a trial run before the day of the interview to determine how long your journey will take.

To help ace an interview, do your research and familiarize common medical assistant interview questions. Be punctual and dress smart.

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