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Medical Assistants are specially trained medical professionals who work in many different medical settings. From hospitals to physicians offices, and sometimes even medical labs. The primary job function is to provide assistance to doctors and surgons. Day to day Medical Assistants can be doing anything from consulting patients to drawing blood.


Medical Assistant Job Titles


Medical Assistants job titles can range and knowing different 'titles' for the same duties can be beneficial in job searches.


Clinical Medical Assistant


Administrative Medical Assistant


Specialized Medical Assistant


Contract Medical Assistant


Traveling Medical Assistant


Where To Look For Medical Assisting Jobs? – Who Employs Medical Assistants?


Medical Assistant jobs can be found in many different healthcare settings. Knowing where to look for jobs will benefit you in your search. The following are all places a medical assistant would find work.


Physicians Offices

Offices of Health Practitioners

Outpatient Facilities

General Practice and Surgical Hospitals

Speciality Medical Facilities


How To Land Your First Medical Assisting Job


Learn about job opprotunities from job sites such as, or You can also search your local newspaper or classified sites such as


Learn to market yourself

Be proactive in your job search. Sometimes it can be beneficial to follow up with a potential employer even after sending a resume. Don't be afraid to send a follow up email or phone call stating your interest in the position.





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